Victory Park

Moscow’s Victory Park spreads over 68 hectares and is home to more than 100 types of trees and bushes, with its huge memorial complex commemorating the sacrifice and celebrating the triumph of the Russian people in war. With endless fountains, monuments, ponds, canals, avenues, and flower gardens the is so much this park has to offer visitors.

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Victory Park is a memorial complex dedicated to Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany. It is located in the historic area of Moscow known as Poklonnaya Hill, which means “Bow Hill”. It’s one of the highest spots in Moscow, approaching travelers used to climb onto the hill to view of the city, and would bow to Moscow. In 1812, it was the spot where Napoleon waited in vain for the keys to the Kremlin to be brought to him by Russians when his troops were surrounding Moscow. This is why after the end of the Second World War, Victory Park was laid out here.

The Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War opened in 1995, is the central part of the Victory Complex. It comprises several expositions, and a set of dioramas on the major battles of the war – from the defense of Moscow in winter 1941 to the fall of Berlin in spring 1945. Victory Park also features an open-air weaponry and fortification exposition. The Park boasts a complete collection of armored vehicles, from the light tanks of the early war years to later, heavy models, which fought in Berlin in 1945.

To honor all who perished in the war there is an Orthodox Church, a memorial Mosque and a memorial Synagogue located in the park. Among the architectural ensemble of monuments, and fountains an obelisk was added with a statue of Nike and a monument of St George slaying the dragon. The obelisk’s height is exactly 141.8 meters (465 ft), which is 10 centimeters (3.9 in) for every day of the War.

On 9 May, Victory Day in Russia, the park becomes the center of Moscow’s celebrations, and as many of the remaining veterans and survivors as can make there way here, along with scores of the younger generations. In Russia, the emphasis is on celebration rather than remembrance and is one of the most popular public holidays.

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